/Communications Cloud: Screening Test
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Communications Cloud: Screening Test

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Till 14 days

<p>&quot;Unleash Innovation: Embrace the Power of a New Workforce!&quot;</p>


Calling out to the Comms Cloud experts, who are looking for new opportunities and ventures. 

 This Screening Test is designed to test your knowledge and experience on the Communications Cloud. 

Key Highlights:

  • Screening test will be evaluated and considered for further rounds of interview
  • 40 questions including Subjective Qs and MCQs
  • Time limit: 25 minutes
  • Qualifyng Score: 60%

Concepts tested:

  • Communications cloud basics concepts like Vlocity EPC, CPQ & OM
  • Omnistudio developer concepts like Flexcard, Integration Procedure, DataRaptors & Omniscripts


Screening Test

1 attachment • 25 mins

Communications Cloud- Screening Test

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